Feature #96 Michael Barkley “being part of what’s going on.”

Michael Barkley was born in Ottawa Ontario Canada. He went to a high school that supported the arts (High School of Commerce). His photography teacher there was great. Being creative was the most important thing in the class and learning the elements of design. After that Michael went to Sheridan College for Applied Photography in the mid to late eighties. Yes, He found it hard to believe himself. Worked hard at it in Toronto. Assisting, working for magazines, newspapers, film sets, etc…
Over the past year Michael started his Street Photography Journey. He likes the idea of being right in there close, and being part of what’s going on. Blending a style of photojournalism and street photography at the same time. He’s torn between both of them.
All the Magnum photographers have a big influence on him.
All images ©2012 Michael Barkley
To see more of his work go to his website or 500px