Feature #94 Krunal Palande “stranger amongst strangers.”


Krunal Palande loved clicking his camera ever since he was a kid but only realized his passion for photography when he bought his first digital camera (a compact Kodak). In the beginning Krunal was just like any other photography enthusiast clicking landscapes and flowers. Then he upgraded to a DSLR (Canon 1000D), yet there were only the occasional street shots. But then slowly and gradually Krunal started loving streets, these were his own streets where he grew up, where he use to stand in one of the alley-corners chit-chatting with friends, watching the strangers passing by, each a distinct personality. And Krunal usually observed that even though a thoughtless one, each and every stranger had a perspective, a notion about every other stranger around them. So as a street photographer all he had to do was to record his perspective towards these strangers with his camera. In a nutshell, to become a street photographer Krunal just had to be a stranger amongst strangers.

As a street photographer Krunal gradually began to learn the technical aspects of photography and slowly he learn how to shoot on film. Film has definitely taught him a better discipline, Krunal said “now there’s no more chimping, 35 frames is all I get, no reckless shooting and of course there are always loads of surprises”.  

 All images ©2012 Krunal Palande

To see more of his work go to his website or Flickr.