Feature #93 Ruben Mália “The unusual in the everyday moment”

Ruben Mália is a Portuguese photographer from Porto. He started street photography right about the beginning of his course in the Portuguese Institute of Photography in 2007. The exposure to street photography was brought on by colleges and teachers introducing him to a style of photography that would stay with him forever. Even though Ruben followed professionally Photojournalism and Documentary photography, he kept shooting street photography for himself, collecting images. “I have always enjoyed street photography because it allows me to capture life as it is, the moments, the reflections, the small gestures. It’s like immersing to another reality within reality.” On the street Ruben observes the theater that is life playing in his home town, watching the unusual in the everyday moment, while documenting the Human condition.

All images ©2012 Ruben Mália

To see more of Ruben’s work go to his website.