Feature #92 Paul Riley “to nowhere in particular”

Paul Steptoe Riley was born and raised in London. He’s been a musician and singer/songwriter for most all of his life with a casual interest in photography which started about 10 years ago. Since the beginning of 2011 Paul has been taking photography much more seriously, going out photo walking virtually every day. Paul’s main interest is documentary street photography where he tries to capture the “everyday” in an aesthetically pleasing way. He likes to walk the streets of London, to nowhere in particular and just let chance lead him where it will with the hope of capturing something good.

Paul uses an EOS 5D MK2, along with a 24-70 or a 17-40 lens. But tends to use the 17-40 much more often for street work as it’s lighter in weight and easier to carry.

All images ©2012 Paul Riley

To see more of Paul’s work go to his Blog or Flickr