Feature #91 Werner Gryffenberg “observing human behavior”

Werner Gryffenberg is a photographer and graphic designer born in South Africa and currently living in Zurich, Switzerland. Photography and observing human behavior are two of his greatest passions. Some days he can encounter moments full of humour, melancholy, romance, joy or sadness on the street, which he’s compelled to photograph. Werner approaches these scenes with great caution, observing rather than disturbing, photographing quickly and moving on.

Werner like to use his unobtrusive camera on the street a Leica M9 and photograph predominantly in black and white. A selection of his work from “The Urbanite (a person who lives in a city or town), can be seen at: The Urbanite Gallery.

All images ©2012 Werner Gryffenberg.

To see more of his work click the link above.