Feature #89 Dipayan Bhattacharjee “moments pass away forever”

Dipayan Bhattacharjee, is an insanely passionate street photographer and is currently based in Shillong, India. He has always been interested in this field from days of his childhood, but gave into hardcore photography since the year 2010. Prior to that, he was busy in the world of graphics and animation. Anything to do with Creativity is his greatest passion. He chooses to do street photography because of his love for people and life. He loves traveling to different places, observing life and capturing it, as the moments pass away forever. Dipayan loves practicing Portrait photography at times, as that too deals with people. He has done some photo-shoots of a few music bands such as Street Stories, Afflatus, Dosser’s Urge, and a few others. Currently he works as a freelance photographer with T.N.T (The Northeast) Magazine and creates photo-features from the streets. A major portion of his current photography revolves around “poverty” and “human-rights”. Dipayan shoots in both monochrome and color, and his gear mainly includes a Canon Rebel T2i (a.k.a – Canon 550D) with the kit lens (EF-S-18-55mm f/3.5).

“The streets are filled with moments… we only steal an f-stop from it.”

 All images ©2012 Dipayan Bhattacharjee
To see more of his work go to Blog.

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