Feature #84 Christopher Devereux “they miss something magical”

Christopher Devereux is a 24 year old street photographer based in Manchester. His street photography is to find the humour in the ordinary . Most people walk down the street without more then a mere glance from their smartphone these days…checking their Facebook, Twitter Or texting away most without looking were they’re going. Every moment they don’t look around they miss something magical Christopher loves the fact that street photography is the purest form of photography. The excitement for him and like wise for many other street photographers including myself, is that you never know what you’ll find around the next corner, the next street or the next turn of your head.
To Christopher street photography is more than taking photos on the street, its photography in its purest form… ever since the camera became portable its been a race to capture “that moment” of ordinary life which isn’t so ordinary. It’s about showing the world what you see and what others may have missed if you hadn’t capture that moment.
In this day and age this is more important than ever before because even though we share absolutely everything in our lives with the ones that matter most to us were all far too busy on our smart phones being ” social ” that we are missing the little bits of everyday life … them little bits are what us as street photographers capture.
Nearly all the Street photographer’s  I associate with are not old men with flasher macs on luring at people with a 70 – 300mm lens through bushes. Well Christopher isn’t any way!Christopher uses a  Voigtlander Bessa R2 rangerfinder  with a Jupiter 8 50mm F2 using Fuji neopan 400 35mm film.

All images ©2012 Christopher Devereux

To see more of Christopher Devereux work go to his Website.