Feature #81 Alex Beker “Things I Saw Today”

Alex Beker is a Graphic Designer, Art Director and Photographer born in Argentina, Who lived in Canada for 11 years and now lives in his new home in Miami. His ongoing photo project Things I Saw Today started 3 years ago. Alex takes his camera all day, everyday and everywhere. The purpose of Things I Saw Today is to make his viewer look at what you may see, or to make you see everyday things differently. For the past 8 months he’s been dedicated most of his time to capture people and moments. From December 15th – 2011 until May 31st – 2012, 48 photos from Things I Saw Today were exhibited at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

Alex’s shoots with a Canon 7D, mostly with a 50mm f1.8
All images ©2012 Alex Beker
To see more of Alex Beker’s work go to his website.