Feature #74 Hugo Kintzler “I’m a beginner but street photography accompanies me”

Hugo Kintzler is a 20 year old geography student in the university of Nancy (France).   He became interested in photography 2 years ago with his first camera, a Panasonic Fz-28 bridge camera. Hugo took pictures of very different things but quickly became passionate about the urban world. Hugo comes from a small town in the Vosges and the photography accompanied him in his discovery of a bigger city. He spends a lot of time walking in the streets of Nancy to try to capture some snapshots of city life. He doesn’t care too much about the material but knew he needed to upgrade his gear. Hugo hope his next purchase will be an DSLR with prime lenses, Hugo said  I’m a beginner but street photography accompanies me everywhere now.

All Images ©2012 Hugo Kintzler

To see more of Hugo’s work go to his Website.