Feature #73 Nima Taradji “the sense of disarray”

Nima Taradji has been doing Street Photography since he was a kid and when he saw photographs of William Klein in a local exhibit. Although law is what Nima does professionally, He is a photographer at heart no matter what and has been spending more and more time shooting than anything else! Nima likes to find the sense of disarray, lost in the crowd, and often time he likes to juxtapose the disconnect between a person and his or her environment…. and he likes to capture the moment in time and explore all the going ons in that moment — a moment that the camera sees but goes mostly unnoticed by the naked eye. Nima is currently working on capturing photos from the Occupy Chicago Movement and have been spending a lot of time with the protestors.
All images ©2012 Nima Taradji
To see more of Nima’s work go to his Website.