Feature #71 Andrew Fok “Fortunate to discover street photography”

Andrew Fok is a overseas student traveling in between United Kingdom and Hong Kong, China. Sometimes he questions himself why he spends 3 or 4 hours in the streets and only come back with a few shots that he likes at the end. But the thing that continues to drive him is the being able to discover and re-discover about the world we live in. We are often so busy about our personal goals we need to complete, we miss the moments happening around us. Andrew is fortunate to discover street photography as it has been beneficial for his personal development. Whenever he came back to Hong Kong where his base is, he is surprised by how much he didn’t fully see or witness on the streets….having lived there for 12 years. Of course, Andrew is still very in-experienced after 6 months of shooting and still has much to learn. Also he really enjoys seeing the works by magnum photographers and many talented people on flickr.

All images ©2012 Andrew Fok