Feature #67 Matthew Zaremba “Beautiful Then Gone”

Matthew Zaremba is a self-taught photographer currently based out of both Boston and Brooklyn. The life of this artist has been equally public and withdrawn, from extensive traveling in the wilderness in his youth to the creation of his body of work “Beautiful Then Gone” 2 years ago and the international attention it has received since. There is an emotional impact that his photography has on people that resonates long after it is viewed. Matthew has described his photography as “a means to capture the human condition and the inevitability of life’s fleeting moments” and stresses the importance of keeping his work “honest”. His past involvement in numerous criminal subcultures is evident in photographs of drug use and vandalism, and many others that are often shot by trespassing. His varied work also captures and emphasizes the subtle beauty of everyday moments that his site certainly suggests is a means of tribute to his father who passed away last year… Sharing life through the lens for the both of them.

All images ©2012 Matthew Zaremba

To see more of Matthew Zaremba’s work go to his Website.