Feature #66 Andrea Zubani “A’s to B’s of every day life”.

Andrea is a Sydney, Australia photographer. He was born and raised in Carrara, Italy, and immigrated to Australia in 2006. Although he began taking photographs as a youth in Italy, it was his arrival in Sydney and subsequent introduction to Magnum photographers such as Trent Parke that strongly influenced him to pursue a career in photography.
He has since, been featured in the ‘Moran’ and ‘Head On’ photographic prizes, had photographs in a number of publications, is working as a freelance photographer for several prominent clients and has had three solo shows.
This is an era when we can contrive and control so much, we can invent ourselves to an invisible audience, in an invisible way. There are persona for us to hide behind, images for us to measure against, and social etiquette to abide by. In the street, however, nuances and antics come alive as we go about traveling from the A’s to B’s of every day life. This, is what Andrea tries to capture.
As a person who is more comfortable with observing than directing, He slipped comfortably into hiding behind a camera, and since, has found himself regularly traipsing the streets of Sydney, watching and clicking hour after hour until his squinted eye can take no more. Andrea Zubani images are not set up, studied or artificially created. They are snaps of reality, which is interesting enough. The camera he uses is a Nikon FM2 analogue SLR. He shoots film, black & white and color.

All images ©2012 Andrea Zubani

To see more of Andrea Zubani’s work go to his Website.