Feature #65 Thomas Meldert “turned back to film seriously late”

Thomas Meldert is a freelance mechanical design engineer and has been photographing since he was ten years old in 1964.Thomas went digital in 2004 but turned back to film seriously late 2008. His main interests are street photography (since 2009), non-studio portraits, technology and documentary photography. He usually photographs while on contracts for documentary reasons. Thomas likes street photography because it demands him to be alert and very well aware of what is going on around him. To foresee and visualize what is going to happen and be in the right spot for it when it happens. If it happens. Moments are caught and others lost. That’s the sport Thomas finds challenging. His main gear is a Zeiss Ikon ZM and the Fujifilm Finepix X100 as secondary camera.

All images ©2012 Thomas Meldert

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