Feature #63 Martin Davey “captured within a street”

Martin Davey is currently in his third year of a BA Hons in contemporary photographic practice at the University of Creative Arts in Rochester in Kent. After 30 years in the automotive Industry returning to education can be daunting prospect for many people, but if you love what you are doing then the inverse of that feeling can be one of euphoria, and he’s loving what he’s doing.
Martins photography has evolved and could best be described as capturing life, whether it be an event or a single moment but nearly always captured within a street environment. His preferred working methodology is probably best describe as hybrid as he still prefers to use black and white film which still has a quality that digital cannot replicate, and yet he’s not adverse to scanning the negatives to produce digital a work flow. It also give him the option of taking the negatives to the darkroom and producing silver gelatine prints, because of its physical existence.
Martins camera of choice for his current projects is a Bronica Etrsi, it allows the option of either a waist level or prism view finder which can be quickly changed to adapt to the environment he’s working in.
 All Images ©2012 Martin Davey.
To see more of Martin’s work go to his Flickr.