Feature #60 Ricardson Williams “Brazilian on Chinese land”

Ricardson Williams is a  Brazilian Street photographer who has lived in China for 8 years. He likes to shoot Candid and sometimes get close to his subject, it all depends how he wants to shoot. Natural from Maceio, but a São Paulo dweller, Ricardson, discovered the passion for photography when he moved to China. His first shots were taken four years ago, when the passion to record the moment, the detail of the things, took shape in the eyes of  this systems analyst, who in his spare time take a break from the computing machines, to hold in his hands his camera. In his portfolio, the highlights goes to the street pictures which freeze the daily life of the Asian people and bring to the world the look of a Brazilian on Chinese land.
All Images ©2012 Ricardson Williams.
To see more of Ricardson william’s work go to his Flickr.