Feature #58 Bob Soltys “one camera, one lens and one kind of film”

Bob Soltys is a documentary photographer from Cleveland, Ohio. Street photography is his greatest passion. He’s been fortunate to frequently travel to Paris, one of the greatest places to be for street photography.

Almost all of Bob’s images are candids. He makes photos on Tri-X film with a Leica M6 TTL and a 35mm 1.4 lens. Using just one camera, one lens and one kind of film allows him to work quickly and unobtrusively. Bob’s focus is on documenting daily life on the street, in diners and cafes, and at weddings, which he says are a great place to make great candid images without having to explain why you’re taking pictures.

All images ©2012 Bob Sotlys

To see more of Bob’s work go to his Website or Blog.