Feature #56 Peter Tachauer “More human, more humane and sympathetic”

Peter Tachauer developed his interest in photography in April of 2011 whilst on a trip to New York.  Being an ex-Police officer he found himself to gravitate towards the dark, moody, gritty type of shots with processing to match.  Peter uses a Panasonic Lumix GF2 with 14mm pancake lens usually, but have also used a Panasonic LX3 for its silent shutter mode.
It is quite difficult for Peter as I suffer from Parkinson’s disease,  This is the last thing you need as  a photographer.  The tremor in his left hand is quite bad and affects the right hand to some degree.  He gets what shots he can when he can! It’s quite rare for Peter to get one that is suitably sharp. Again, being an ex Police officer can help as he may see things about to happen so he can ready his self for a shot. Peter has reduced his work hours so that he can concentrate on photography. For Peter, looking through the viewfinder sharpens his focus on human nature.  Peter believes that photography has made him more human, more humane and sympathetic.
 All images ©2011 Peter Tachauer
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