Feature #55 Dmitry Stepanenko

Dmitry Stepanenko is a London based street photographer with a passion for street photography. He is a self-taught photographer having never attended any courses and finding inspiration in works of Magnum photographers, Joel Meyerowitz and Garry Winogrand. Dmitry thinks that in order to get good photos you need to be in a special mood and of course be a lucky guy. He usually walks miles to get a decent shot but at the same time during other days he managed to shoot most of his best photos to date in short periods of time. He thinks that you need to constantly train your eye in order to develop your own vision even when you don’t have a camera with you. Dmitry is fascinated by the play of light and shadows and often shows a lonely human in a modern city landscape.
Dmitry shoots both colour and black & white, digital and film.

All Images ©2011 Dmitry Stepanenko
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