Feature #53 Adrian Saker “The world appeared at once different but still the same”

Adrian Saker was born in Birmingham and educated at the Universities of Hull (BA) London Courtauld (MA) and Warwick (PhD). His interest in photography began seriously at the age of seventeen when Adrian’s Mother bought him a Pentax 35mm film camera. He produced a portfolio of images at the age of 21, the subject matter concerning industrial landscapes in Black and White. Subsequently, Adrian became quickly seduced, then even more quickly, disillusioned with film making. His academic interest began to take precedence at this stage, although he maintained a visual theme in studying Art History. After a protracted period of ill health and aided by a wonderfully supportive partner, Adrian returned to photography once more, discovering that his subject matter had changed as much as himself. The world appeared at once different but still the same. Depicting the society around him on the streets began as a way of attempting to reconcile this percieved difference…

All images ©2011 Adrian Gargett

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