Feature #52 David Stevens “Everything is there, you just have to see it”

David Stevens lives in Holland. He has just completed 4 years of study in photography at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, and he will be continuing his photography study at art academy St. Joost in Breda. The main theme in his work is light, and to show people the beauty of life in everyday common street scenes. There are a lot of things which many people in their lives don’t see, because they don’t look. To quote Stefano di Luigi from his photography essay ‘Bianco’ : ‘I don’t think we did go blind. David thinks we are blind. Blind but seeing. Blind people who can see, but do not see.’ David tries to photograph some of these happenings, and show them to people. “Everything is there, you just have to see it”, said David.

David uses  a Nikon D700 and a Canon 5D Mark II, with several fixed lenses. He mainly works with a 35mm lenses.

All images ©2011 David Steven’s

To see more of David Steven’s work go to his Website or Flickr.