Feature #51 Gary Perlmutter “Mad about photography”

Gary Perlmutter has always been mad about photography since he was inspired by his father as a young kid. His father was always taking pictures on a lovely old folding Bessler camera. Gary became a full time professional photographer after leaving school, working for commercial London Studios, before branching out on his own. These days to pay the mortgage he photographs weddings and portraits.
Gary’s  first love however has always been street photography, mainly because he loves people and hase always lived in or around London, which is full of them! His influences include Elliot Erwitt and Matt Stuart. Gary has recently acquired a Fuji X100 which is proving to be a great street camera producing quality images, although one day would love to be in a position to purchase (and justify!) a Leica M9.

All images ©2011 Gary Perlmutter

To see more images go to Gary’s Website.