Feature #50 Tylaar Haran “Journeys into and out of Clerkenwell”

As an architect and urbanist working in Clerkenwell London Tylaar Haran has always been fascinated by the physical constituents comprising  ‘sense of place’ and individuals’ existential interaction with it. Clerkenwell is a tiny village with a strong physical identity set within the larger urban expanse of East London itself composed of tiny villages (with highly specific senses of place) connected by strands of undifferentiated urban tissue characterized by placelessness. On his journeys into and out of Clerkenwell over a number of years Tylaar has been recording individuals’ encounters with themselves in this heterogenous urban realm and is particularly fascinated with the point at which people loose themselves and merge into placelessness, becoming part of it, and also, antithetically, the points at which individuals define themselves strongly by identifying with places or events which themselves have a strong sense of identity. Tylaar uses digital and analogue to capture what he sees favouring the Leica M3 for analogue, close up and interiors and a Canon D1 Mk IV with a Tamron zoom for shooting outside and at night.

All Images ©2011 Tylaar Haran

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