Feature #46 Kit Kindall “handed a LEICA M7 to play with..”

Kit has been photographing on and off for the past 25yrs. He went back to study at Bournemouth college of arts in 1999-2001 and gained an HND in photography. Since then he has only really been recording holidays and such like, being bored with DSLR cameras and what it offered him, that was until Kit was handed a LEICA M7 to play with.. He found that the rangefinder style captivating and so sold his DSLR and lenses to help fund a Leica M8 and a few lenses. This re-kindled Kit’s passion for photography and he has been shooting street ever since in London whenever he can make the trip down.

All images ©2011 Kit Kindall

To see more of Kit Kindall’s work go to his Flickr.