Feature #44 Dave Ferrie “zone out and take none”

Dave Ferrie is a 21 year old freelance photographer from Glasgow, Street photography is his favorite form of photography.

Dave spends a lot of time walking around the streets of Glasgow with a camera in his hand, ready to capture moments which interest him or things which he thinks will make a good photograph. Some days Dave will take a hundred photos and other days he’ll walk around for hours, zone out and take none, it just depends what kind of mood he’s in and if  he can get into the flow of things. Dave goes through rituals to help him stay focused and clear his head of distractions but sometimes you have to accept it’s not gonna be your day and try again tomorrow.
Somewhere along the line he developed a taste for photographs of individual figures in urban landscapes, often taken from a few meters away in vertical orientation, which is slightly unusual for street photographs. Lately Dave has started photographing his subjects from closer distances, usually 1-2m away, in horizontal orientation. Urban landscapes shot in vertical orientation and close-up, almost portrait like photographs shot in horizontal orientation, I always was a bit backwards I suppose said Dave, He’s not really sure if he’ll stick with one style, continue with a bit of both or blend them together into a sort of happy middle-ground.
Dave shoots his street photo’s on a Leica III with Industar-22 lens and an Epson R-D1 with Jupiter 12 lens.
All Images ©2011 Dave Ferrie
To see more of Dave’s work go to his website.