Feature #40 Thomas Leuthard “It’s all about the eye”

Thomas Leuthard from Switzerland has been shooting the streets of big European cities for about two years. He started with candid street portraits and soon started to shoot other things after becoming very fond of his Panasonic Lumix GF1 with  a 20mm attached. Most of his photos are straight from the camera or with have little processing. Thomas is sure that a good street photo is close, authentic, shows the important things and is very well composed.

Thomas feels that street photography has nothing to do with processing. It’s all about the eye, the camera is not really relevant. The hype about Leica cameras to him is not really worth it. Take the camera you have, carry it on you all the time and shoot often. Train your eye he said by making series of photos for one topic and be sure that you continue what you do, no matter what others say. Thomas always went very close, did never ask, until he got bored with the portraits. Now he does new things with his GF1, like out of the camera B&W photos with strong contrasts against the light, during the night or in tunnels.

There are always different phases an artist goes through. But this should not be based on trends, but more about your personal feelings and interests. Just keep up what you do and try to get better with every shot…

Thomas has written two FREE eBooks about street photography in the today’s age.

All Images ©2011 Thomas Leuthard

To see more of Thomas Leuthard’s work go to his Website or 500PX