Feature #38 Sara T’Rula “What does this button do?”

Sara T’Rula lives and works in Liverpool, where she was born. Within the city, she is considered legally disabled, on account of being a scouser without a scouse accent. She began photography in 2010, and specializes in documentary and street photography. She is the Community Manager of the Street Photography Now Project, being run by The Photographers’ Gallery, and she presented a talk at Format Festival Conference in March, 2011.

Camera companies phased out the use of red buttons on their models upon hearing her say, “What does this button do?” before pressing it repeatedly.

Upon realizing that she is not an artist (on account of the fact that she has indeed looked back, more than once…), she cried. She was 7 at the time. According to GPS, the axis of evil is located approximately 4.5827 inches above her head. And she is a moderately fanatical worshiper of Douglas Adams.

She still doesn’t have a scouse accent.

Camera used – Whatever camera is in my hand. At the moment, a Nikon D40X and an Olympus OM2. Previously a Fuji film point and shoot.
Images ©2011 Sara T’Rula
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