Feature #37 Tany Kely “From Japan to Angoulême to Berlin or Bordeaux”

Street photographer/Journalist Tany Kely is working on the subject “Homo urbanicus”: Most of the Earth’s population is now certainly composed of this citizen called “Homo Urbanicus”. In her photographs, this subject is depicted as an anonymous person in his/her natural setting: a mostly cold, geometric, indeed disproportionate environment. From Japan to Angoulême to Berlin or Bordeaux, there are plenty of opportunities to catch a specimen at the bend in the street. Black and white photography rapidly became Tany’s obvious choice: it helps focusing on the best part of the photographs by refining them, while sublimating textures, contrasts, and line and curve effects. The homo urbanicus – sometimes an ordinary figure and sometimes a ridiculously small character – plays with shapes, shadows and light without ever growing tired of it…thanks to him!

Photography is not Tany Kely’s job but at 38 years old she gives herself to it with passion. Invariably Tany’s eye is attracted by lines, diagonals and other geometrical forms of the everyday life. For her photography she like to use a Leica M9.

All images ©2011 Tany Kely.

To see more of Tany’s work got to her website