Feature #36 Fokko Muller “Images that tell a story”

Fokko Muller is a Street photographer from Emmen, The Netherlands. He’s just a beginner in street photography but it is his greatest passion. For his work he has spend a lot of time in Paris, one of the greatest places to be for street photography.

Fokko likes to take photos of people in their daily environment. He prefers candid shots, and likes to get close and often shoots from the hip or from the belly, to do this he shoots with a Canon EOS 450d and 95% of the time uses either a 28mm f/2.8 or 50mm f/1.8 lens. He also uses a iPhone4 as a stand-by. Fokko likes images that tell a story and documents daily life, he prefers b&w with strong contrast but thinks that color can be great too.

Fokko Muller started a  Flickr group ‘Your best street photo’ in January 2011 to inspire other street photographers. This group is growing steadily and contains stunning street photos. He’s also one of the organizers of the Urban Photo Collective.

All images ©2011 Fokko Muller

To see more of Fokko Muller’s work go to his Website, Flickr or 500px

Fokko Muller publishes his photos but also like to feature street photos of other photographers on his website. Every month he features the 7 best shots from the Flickr group ‘Your best street photo’ .