Feature #34 Cornelia Reidinger “Immediately hooked on street photography”

Cornelia Reidinger is pretty much a photography beginner and only really started taking pictures last year in October when she also decided to start studying photography. Before that Cornelia didn’t really know what an  aperture was…
Her first “assignment” was to take pictures of her environment. She had that much enjoyment capturing scenes on the street that she was immediately hooked on “street photography” or as some others call it: documenting the human condition, Cornelia got a pretty beat up Olympus OM-4 ti off her dad but changed to a Leica M6 about 4 month ago. So that and a Voightlander 35mm are her tools of choice. Film wise she uses Trix 400 or Portra NC.

All Images ©2011 Cornelia Reidinger

To see more of Cornelia’s work got to her Website.