Feature #31 Olav Ljone Skogaas “slices of life”

Olav Ljone Skogaas is a street photographer based in Oslo, Norway. He got his first camera at the tender age of ten and has been hooked ever since. Now however, he shoots with a Leica M8 and Leica M7 which he usually carries where ever he goes, Olav enjoys making photos that are slices of life. Most of his work is black and white, although he does shoot some digital colour as well as slide. Olav Ljone Skogaas inspirations are Garry Winogrand, Chris Weeks, Robert Frank and Boogie.

Images ©2011 Olav Ljone Skogaas

To see More of Olav Ljone Skogaas work go to his Flickr.