Feature #29 André Bogaert “You know what is said about old dogs and new tricks…”

André Bogaert has been taking photos all of his life and is expecting to get the hang of it any day soon! He was born in and still lives in London. André is a city boy so if it’s not a bit grimy and noisy he gets a little unsettled, therefore street snapping works for him. However his wife says you could put him in a white empty room and he’d find something to shoot. To some extent she’s right. It’s the “taking” that excites him not the Photoshopping and printing. André is a firm believer in the “it’s not what camera you use, it’s what you point it at” school of thought. However you do need appropriate kit to the task at hand. Being now a street snapper he uses both the iPhone’s camera and a Leica M9. The important thing for him is visualising what he wants to take, anticipating the moment he wants to press the button and not intruding too much on the scene. All the above…. Yes….. but not necessary in that order ! This set of principles are easy to aspire to but sometimes difficult to achieve. Although André Bogaert now uses only digital kit he still thinks “film”. So he doesn’t take lots and lots of shots. You know what is said about old dogs and new tricks…….

All Images ©2011 André Bogaert

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