Feature #27 Jessica Alpern ”It’s an always changing assortment of nonsense and I love it”

Jessica Alpern has been a photographer for over a 10 years, but still feel like she’s finding her place. She started off as a photographer in the Navy taking images of the daily lives of sailors and then spent a year with a forensic lab taking very matter-of-fact images of crime scenes. When Jessica shoots for herself she goes in the opposite direction; she controls all the lighting and just generally rearranges the world to fit her liking. It’s only recently (and mostly due to the Street Photography Now Project) that Jessica started to explore street photography in earnest. It’s allowed her to find an unexpected balance. Jessica likes to document the world as it is, but also, the world as she see’s it.
Street photography is honest, blunt, ridiculous and strangely appealing…much like the community of photographers who shoot it. Jessica is grateful to be a part of that and, even though she’s new to it, she feels welcome. Despite the weirdly (and completely unintentional) serious tone of this writing Jessica tends to gravitate to the humorous. Jessica is currently shooting in and around the Austin convention center where she works part time. It’s an always changing assortment of nonsense and I love it, However I doubt I’d see it that way if I hadn’t discovered this style she said.
Jessica started out with a Nikon F3 that she shot with for years until she made the switch to digital and now uses a Nikon D300.
All Images ©2011 Jessica Alpern
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