Feature #26 Chinatown Kicks “Limitless variety of human expression”

Chinatown Kicks showed up late to the street photography scene having never shot film and starting out with a point-and-shoot camera. Fortunately, C’Kicks showed up in Boston, where there’s a crew of good, experienced, and friendly street photographers at work. These are the same streets that some of the greats, like Jerry Berndt and Roswell Angier, walked decades ago. The Combat Zone they haunted is redeveloped and hardly recognizable now, but C’Kicks still feels separate and apart from the rest of the city and it’s from that neighborhood that C’Kicks took their moniker. From time to time, strangers will see him taking pictures and ask why he’s shooting people he doesn’t know. Which probably happens to a lot of street photographers out there. C’Kicks answer is: Look at ’em all. Look at all those faces and all those gestures and all those interactions. With all that right here in front of me, with the limitless variety of human expression right here on this very street, why would I shoot anything else? C’Kicks technique depends on the day, the weather, and what he’s packed. Some days he’ll use a wide to mid-range fixed lens (17 to 50) and walk for miles around downtown Boston, Chinatown, and Cambridge. Sometimes he’ll circle the same block over and over until the light is gone and then he will hit another block. C’Kicks shoot from the hip and through the viewfinder equally. He looks for the decisive moment, but he also look for that slice of life — sometimes gritty, sometimes pretty, sometimes a little of both. We all have different definitions for street photography, but this is where he feels he can contribute to the genre. Sometimes, though, C’Kicks sets up at a good spot with a telephoto and shoot one face after another for hours — like paparazzi for the common man. The subjects never stops, They never get boring.

All Images ©2011 Chinatown Kicks

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