Feature #23 Anton Ivanov “what the hell is going on here?”

Anton Ivanov is a 22 year old photographer and is currently based in Kiev, Ukraine. Anton spends most of his spare time making street photographs. Unfortunately he doesn’t have any art education because his destiny was thrown towards being a lawyer, but he said he will not give up running away for law practice. Everything photographic in him started with Magnum photo Agency web site. Anton was so deeply impressed that even thought a few years have passed, since he picked up a camera in his hands he still feel inspiration while looking at the pictures of his favorite photographers…

Street photography for Anton is not too see something other people don’t see, because we will probably never guess what they see and what they don’t, but its more like the question to himself “what the hell is going on here?” or something on those lines.

All Images ©2011 Anton Ivanov.

To see more of Anton’s work go to his Website.