Feature #16 Martin Sherwood “Opportunities for a good picture”

Martin Sherwood started thinking seriously about photography, late last year when he went on holiday by himself, for his birthday to San Francisco. He always liked messing about with the settings on any camera, but mainly the shutter speed. Half of the time Martin misses opportunities for a good picture from not having correct setting but it’s a learning curve like anything else.

He has only ever used small digital cameras from high street shop so he asked his Father if he could borrow his Fujifilm Finepix S9000 which Martin fell in love with.
He than bought a Fujifilm S18000 for Christmas but still he proffered his Dad’s by a long shot even though its worse spec overall. It was  just more enjoyable for him, more fun than the S18000. Martin Sherwood is a newcomer to photography let alone Street Photography here’s some of his shots.

Images ©2011 Martin Sherwood

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