Feature #15 Alessio Coghe “Street photography is like the jazz, A union of formal rigor and improvisation”.

Alessio Coghe was born in Rome in 1975 and is essentially a street photographer. In addition to street photography he specialized in minimal photography, moving halfway between urban and landscape photography. Founder of SPC, a web street photography community, he deals with developing in Italy this kind of photography. Creator and coordinator of Shoot 4 Change Mexico. Freelance photographer, currently correspondent from Mexico for Prisma News, a national information periodic. He works on assignments and creates stock photography for photo agencies Beltan Images and Arcangel Images.

His street: Alessio Coghe searches for the surreal moments. Mexico City is perfect for this. He likes it when street photography is mixed with reportage. Not only Henri Cartier Bresson, but also Manuel Alvarez Bravo and Nacho Lopez are very inspiring to him.

Alessio Coghe uses a Olympus Pen E-P1 w Pancake M.Zuiko 17mm F2.8, Canon G12 and Panasonic Lumix DMC LX3. He thinks that for his photography less is more: He loves the evil cameras. Alessio Coghe said “I think that mirrorless systems are the future”.

All Images © 2011 Alessio Coghe.

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