Feature #14 Jonathan Taphouse “Seeing things that other stroll on by”

Jonathan Taphouse has been photographing for almost 10 years now, always keeping his eyes on the people on the streets.  He loves living in the moment, seeing things that other stroll on by. The small irony and contrasts are what keep Jonathan amused.
He started using film, and an Olympus 35RD. Eventually he had saved up for a second hand Leica M2, stripped it back and painted it black. That was it he was hooked, At the end of 2010 he replaced it with the Leica M9 (funded by his wedding photography), and hasn’t looked back!

Jonathan uploads to Flickr which has become his online daily journal, hoping  you enjoy the world through his eyes.

Images ©2011 Jonathan Taphouse

To see more of Jonathan’s work go to his blog.


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