Feature #10 Sebastian Schweers “The Moment, forever still, on a physical, real image, right in your hands.”

Sebastian Schweers is an engineer by education and in 2008 went straight out of uni into a graduate scheme, which got him pretty much around a bit, and the only thing that seemed rather decent to him was to take his camera along. As it happened, Sebastians uncle decided that his pictures had become good enough to let him have a go at the holy grail: His Leica M3, which he, due to heavily impaired vision, doesn’t use any more. That was a Total WIN for Sebastian. The Leica M3 camera made him sell his DSLR. Sebastian said “Film gives you back what you completely lose with digital: The Moment, forever still, on a physical, real image, right in your hands. I can’t imagine another way of street photography”.

Sebastian is currently moving places every 6 months, and every city, every neighbourhood has a completely different feel to him. He LOVES walking around and finding things that make him stop, and before I he knows it, he hears his shutter going off. It’s a perfect vehicle for the folks back home (and especially his uncle, to see that his camera is in good hands) to see how I he is doing and what he is experiencing. When he looks back at the pictures, Sebastian can smell the coffee on the table next to him, or the noises that the street made.

Sebastian is currently in Birmingham, but soon enough in May, He’ll be doing a bigger leap, to Shanghai. And He can’t WAIT!

All Images ©2010 Sebastian Schweers

To see more of Sebastian’s Work go look at his Flickr