Feature #8 Sarah Smith “out of place”

Sarah Smith is currently in the third year of her BA (Hons) in Photography course at the University of Central Lancashire.
She developed a passion for photography whilst studying it in Southport College which she completed in 2008, delving into the many different processes including dark room work, studio based work and outdoor photography.

The subjects in her photography may not be seen as street photography; however she tends to focus on what is extraordinary and ‘out of place’. Sarah doesn’t really feel the desire to photograph, she said “it is instead a need, I am wanting to document my surroundings and no matter where I am, or what is in the vicinity.” This is where her work in street photography meets with the practice of psychogeography; psychogeograhy, to her, this is the study of people and their environment; this practice is usually documented with a pen and paper, or a dictaphone but she decided to document her journey with her Canon 400D instead. Sarah enjoys working in colour as the world is bright and colourful, she feels her  images would not work if they were black and white, that would defeat the object of adequately presenting exactly what she comes across during one of her walks.
She believes that her work is original, and many people may not ‘get’ what it is about, however Sarah feels that this is the point of photography. Letting your audience see what they see in your work, a meaning is never forced, the images come as they are and that is what she likes about photography; how free interpretation can be.
Sarah is also a keen on  Lomo photography and uses an Action Sampler to give a nice sense of movement to some of her work.

Image ©2011 Sarah Smith

To see more of Sarah Smiths work click on the link to her Blog:  http://sarahsmithphotography.blogspot.com/