Feature 5: Stella Noviani “being in the middle of the crowd yet invisible”

Stella Noviani was born in Indonesian and lived for 8 years in the Netherlands. When East meets West it’s a perfect start to feed her never-ending observation of people and their moments. This is also where her interest for street photography grew. She started making street images in 2005 with her Canon 350D (which she still uses to this day) and has recently picked up the activity again, as she says ”I missed it too much during the break, I miss being on the street observing things, being in the middle of the crowd yet invisible.” Her study in architecture and design has formed her visual ability and you can see it back in her shots, where composition and balance are the keywords.

Images ©2010 Stella Noviani

To see more about Stella and her passions (yes it’s plural!) take a look at her website www.noviani.com.