Feature 1: Alison McCauley “There is something cool and detached about seeing without being seen”

Alison McCauley is a Street Photographer  based in Geneva, Switzerland.  After years of studying and practicing painting, She found her passion shifting to photography.  Feeling the need to refine her understanding of photography, she embarked on a degree in Creative Arts-Photography, which Alison completed in 2009.  Like so many (most?) photographers, she is obsessed with photography and plans most of her life around it. Alison said  “I think that part of my compulsion to photograph life as it happens, is a desire to understand what we are about.  In a way, it’s slightly voyeuristic, but in a very benign way!”

Alison uses a Nikon D700 and a Canon G10. But she prefers the compacts for discreet street-level shooting. The images featured here are part of an on-going series that Alison has provisionally entitled “below”.Images ©2010 Alison McCauley

Check out more of Alison McCauleys work at: http://www.amccauley.ch/ or check out her Flickr