M9 “Dream Kit” forsale on ebay!

The Leica M9 the dream camera for any Leica enthusiast, Well guess what you could get your hands on the “Dream Kit” if you have $32,000.00! Ebay seller jlbeek has a listing for a Leica M9 kit consiting of the follwing items:

  • Leica M9 with thumbs up (new boxed)
  • Leica SUMMICRON-M f 1:2/28 mm ASPH 6-Bit encoding (new boxed)
  • Leica SUMMILUX f 1:1.4/35mm ASPH 6-Bit encoding (excellent)
  • Leica NOCTILUX f 1:1/50mm (mint)
  • Leica SUMMILUX-M f 1:1.4/50mm (mint)
  • Leica SUMMILUX-M f 1:1.4/75mm (new boxed)
  • Leica APO-SUMMICRON-M f 1:2/90mm ASPH (mint)

Check out the listing here: 350398021810

Good Luck Bidding….

Image © jlbeek