Street Photography Now

Thames & Hudson have published ‘Street Photography Now’. This amazing book is the
first survey of leading street photographers in twenty years, “Street
Photography Now” celebrates the work of nearly fifty image-makers from
across the globe, Including:

  1. Christophe Agou
  2. Bruce Gilden
  3. Markus Hartel
  4. Martin Kollar
  5. Joel Meyerowitz
  6. Gus Powell
  7. Raghu Rai
  8. Matt Stuart
  9. Ying Tang
  10. Nick Turpin

That’s just to name a few!

Everyday life at 1⁄125 of a second!

High-rollers, street vendors and dog walkers, sidewalks and back alleys, comedy,
kindness and unexpected beauty, a witty billboard, a woman dressed as an
angel, a businessman sprinting through the crowd … check out this video…..

English ISBN: 978-050054

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